Trades On Demand

     Trades on demand mission is to give the urban community skills that make it possible to compete in the employment market.. With stream line certificate training people can get the tools they need within 3 months and earn wages to build families with.

  • Age Range: 18 and older
  • Location: 1100 University Center  
  •  Time: 12pm – 3pm
  •  Date: Nov 1st 2022 – Feb 1st 2022

Skill Based Training

The urban community needs skills of the trades to compete in the social economic race. The classroom setting will encourage individuality, as well as combination of active learning and teamwork to help the people retain the knowledge. The skills range from handy man to insurance adjuster.

Certificate Training

Learning targeted skills that are based on readily available jobs. Career trainings that can be obtained within a three months time and employment or entrepreneurship opportunities. These accelerated courses give the community instant results.

Stream Line Careers

Stream line careers are the focus of trades on demand. The urban community needs direct paths to the jobs and careers they want. With the combination of gaining the skills need and proper certificates drives the community to success.

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