The A.W. Foundation
Of Tech & Trade

The A.W. Foundation’s overall mission is to inspire, create and develop skills in multimedia that can be later applied in career focused areas. This consists of three main units taught throughout our yearly program which includes; Web, Audio & Video. Also teaming up with stream lined trades to build the urban community.

Our Services


  • Technology has enriched our lives with greater convenience, improved access to information, and revolutionized how we work. Although many of us are now familiar with using technology, most of us would not know how to build and maintain the websites and Apps we have become so reliant upon.


  • A trade school can prepare you for a great career while saving you a lot of money. Not only can you make a great living by working in a skilled trade, but you can also fulfill a growing need.


  • There are reasons for the behaviour and thought process of these youngsters which need to be identified, isolated and proactively acted upon. To motivate the youngsters one needs to think in sync with them and counter the negatives accordingly. Connect with them

About Us

A.W Foundation is partnered with C6 Media whichis a technology company that was established in 2015 in Rochester, NY. Our media company has created and powered several online companies from online shopping stores to Covid -19 cleaning services. C6 Media Group has also worked on audio and video production for FOX Sports, UFC, IHeart Radio & more. Corresponding live sporting events, recording live radio shows from the super bowl and interviews of the latest and greatest actors, athletes and entertainers. We own and operate a multi media network with 50 online stations and podcast.


Our mission is to inspire, create and develop skills in multimedia and trade that can be later applied in career focused areas.


 The goal after learning our curriculum at plug and play will be equipping students with skills that can gain them employment opportunities and create entrepreneur ventures of their own.

Partners We Worked With

Connect The Youth With Real World Professionals

Real world experience is the key to success to prepare our youth and future.

We connects people directly with professionals in there field and skills that can be used today and the future. Building business owners and helping workers gain advanced skills to keep up with the ever growing market.

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- Have any great ideas, skills or services that can help our urban youth please contact us.

- Looking to connect with our mission please contact us.

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Focus on stream line careers

Clear direction of carrers to help familes and the youth move foward in high paying carrers and trades.

Our Motivated Team

Highly Motivated Team with real world skills

Our team is more then capable and motivated to get results in our community in the near future.